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  1. Andreas Gandorff
  2. General Discussion
  3. Monday, 19 October 2015
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hello, my question refers to the configuration.php file and the following entry: define ('T3_LOCAL_DISABLED', 1);

How to disable the feature?
For developer, template provider, develop a template When, They Do not use the "local" folder, everything is included in template. In this case, disable the new feature They Can by adding the code after} in the last line of the configuration.php.
1. define ('T3_LOCAL_DISABLED', 1);

What is meant by the file „configuration.php“, this I can not find.
Which is then the last } in the "line of the „configuration.php"
For your efforts thanks in advance.

Regards Andreas Gandorff
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Hi Andreas,

The configuration.php file is stored in your site root folder. Please check the attach images for more details.

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