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  1. D.wM
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  3. Saturday, 31 August 2013
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1 - the ability to turn off the menu on sub-templates.
(i think i am experiencing a bug in the template manager - when i create a subtemplate and set menu position to 'none' it works fine. but if i go back to the default template and save any change (or no change at all, just save, the menu on the subtemplate re-appears. This also happens with grid positions.)

2 - the ability to turn off breadcrumbs

3- a dedicated social media integration tab with image, meta, etc. Or add this to the General tab. It might help those who sometimes forget to use the injection tab (not saying who that oftentimes is.)

Thank you for this fantastic development tool.
  Essex, MA, USA
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Hi D.wM,

T3 support multiple layouts.
You can create two layouts.
For example, t3 blank, which has many layouts by default. If you install T3 quickstart package, you will see.
1. Home layout is use for homepage only.
2. Default layout is use for another webpage.

If you do not want the menu in default layout. Just open /templates/youtemplate/tpls/default.php and remove the
<?php $this->loadBlock('mainnav') ?>

For media integration, we would like to encourage to use Injection if possible. We do not want duplicate this function in the framework.
Though, you can extend the framework (any Tab, for example General tab) via your templateDetails.xml

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