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  3. Wednesday, 28 December 2016
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I have a site which is working fine on my local server and on a live host. But I had to move it to a new host and this new installation, even though it is an exact copy, has 2 problems with T3 backend:

1) Megamenu configuration is stuck on a "Loading icon" - never displaying anything
2) On tab Layout the Module Positions are empty (no matter which template is selected)

Actually I tried to install it on 2 different hosts with no luck.
Checked permissions under "templates" dir: directory permissions are 755, file permissions are 644.
Also checked any other solutions mentioned in forums with no luck either.

Any suggestions?
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Could anybody provide some help with this issue? I have no option but drop T3 Framework all the way if I cannot manage to make it function properly on live hosts.
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