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  1. Sarah
  2. General Discussion
  3. Tuesday, 22 October 2013
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I need to make the Sticky Mega Menu in JA-Fixel Static, can anybody help me with this issue, I have changed the header.php file with the code <nav id="t3-mainnav" class="wrap t3-mainnav navbar-static-top"> and the menu is still sticky.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Hi Sarah,

You can post your question in Joomla Forums about JA Fixel

For more, JA Fixel top menu have designed to be a sticky menu.
It use its own function in the template itself rather than the default sticky menu function of T3.

You can try to remove a block of code in /templates/ja_fixel/js/script.js (line 754 - 776)

// Add class for mainmenu when scroller
var light = null,
sid = null,
mainnav = $('#t3-mainnav');

$(window).scroll(function() {

if(light != $(window).scrollTop() > mainnav.outerHeight(true) * 1.5){
light = !light;

light ? mainnav.addClass('affix') : mainnav.removeClass('light-mainnav');

//force reflow

light ? mainnav.addClass('light-mainnav') : mainnav.removeClass('affix');


Hope it helps,

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